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  • Volcano 1

    Leeds University - Volcano Challenge

    17th March 2016

    As part of the University of Leeds Festival of Science, fifteen of our talented Year 8 and 9 students visited the Earth Science Laboratory. The laboratory is a state of the art facility that allows undergraduate and post graduate students to carry out innovative and ground breaking research using the excellent facilities. Our group began the day with a lesson that demonstrated the correlation between the location of volcanoes and the frequency of earthquakes. The groups used both knowledge acquired from the

  • Maths 1

    Making Connections Maths Challenge

    15th March 2016

    For many students maths can be an exciting challenge, especially if there is a real life problem to be solved.  By using her expertise in graphs and models, Leeds University student, Anja, delivered a fantastic workshop on the ability to use graphs as a non-traditional method to solve verbal maths  puzzles.  Starting the lesson with a tricky GCSE problem that had recently gone viral, Anja encouraged the group to plot their verbal answers on a graph and demonstrated how a question that appeared complicated c

  • World Book Day at TSLA!

    7th March 2016

    As one of our many initiatives to promote and improve literacy, we held a celebration of ‘World Book Day’ on Thursday 3 March. As part of the day, our staff members dressed up as characters from Roald Dahl novels. A short story written by our incredibly talented students Victoria Pyszczuk, Charlotte Nutter, Khaleeqa Bostan, Riswana Shaheen and Courtney McConville was read at intervals throughout the day. During first break, we had a competition for pupils to ‘guess the staff character’ and during second bre

  • Fair Trade 1

    Fair Trade Fortnight

    29th February 2016

    Students at the academy, once again celebrated Fair Trade Fortnight with a stall selling a vast array of Fair Trade goods. The Year 9 team spent several sessions researching and costing items that would give students and staff at the academy a sweet treat and also  allow the producers of the goods to receive a fair price. The group provided each customer with a leaflet describing where fair trade growers could use their profits—this often means a decision about food for themselves and their families, educat

  • HP22

    Harry Potter World Book Night

    11th February 2016

    On Thursday 4th February, Harry Potter fans around the world celebrated the second Harry Potter Book Night. After receiving their ticket to Platform 9 3/4, the eager students lined up outside the library ready to experience the magic of Hogwarts. Once inside the Hogwarts themed library, the event began with a feast of hot chocolate and a cauldron cake, followed by the sorting ceremony where students were split into their Hogwarts houses. A quiz tested their knowledge of J.K. Rowling’s fabulous books, which

  • Aspirations Evening

    11th January 2016

  • TSLA's Got Talent

    18th December 2015

    After an amazing event, South Leeds Life has posted an article with a video of the talent show.

    Check it out by clicking on the link below!

  • Partnership with Virgin Trains

    8th December 2015

    Today we launched our new partnership with Virgin Trains. We look forward to having them in the Academy and working with staff and students.

  • Peace

    PeaceJam Slam

    5th November 2015

    PeaceJam is an international organisation that aims to put young people in the position of becoming peace-builders who address the most pressing issues of our time, as they create and implement projects that address the root cause of problems in their communities. On Monday 26th October, the academy was privileged to host its first PeaceJam Slam where over 50 of our young people gave up their free time to attend a lecture, seminars and workshops where their ideas for improving their community could be share

  • Parliament Visit

    3rd November 2015

    On Thursday 22nd October, we were lucky enough to make our second trip down to London, to visit Parliament and to learn about ‘how laws are made’.

    We went on two walking tours, one before Parliament and one after. On the Queens Walk, we seen some great historical sights London had to offer, including St Pauls Cathedral, Shakespeare Globe Theatre and The Royal National Theatre. On the Westminster walk, we got to see the iconic Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, London’s eye and we even managed to see the cha

  • Training Day - 2nd November

    24th October 2015

    The Academy will be closed on November 2nd for staff training. All students are expected in on the 3rd at 8:15.

  • Literacy Festival

    7th October 2015

    Marc Doyle received a £100 cheque from Principal Resourcing, Leeds as a donation towards our Literacy Festival which is being held for Key Stage 3 parents and students on Monday 19 October from 5 – 7pm. The cheque was presented by Ursula Fearn who works closely with the Academy. The donation is being put towards raffle prizes for the event which have been chosen by our pupils.

  • Open Event!

    29th September 2015

    We look forward to meeting prospective parents and students.

  • Celebrating Student Success

    28th September 2015

    Mrs Caines entered some of our year 11 leavers’ photography work into the My Leeds in Focus Competition.

    One of our students – Leanne Ballance won the under 16’s category! How fantastic!

    This winning photo, above of Leo, taken on Butchers Row at Mr Meats Butchers in Leeds City Market, featured in the Yorkshire Evening Post last week.

    Leanne’s work will also be displayed on a show reel, projected in the Window of Opportunity in The Nation of Shopkeepers window on Light Night - Friday 9 October.

    Light Night is a

  • Breaking down the myths at TSLA

    25th September 2015

    This is an article written by Jeremy Morton for

    I meet Marc Doyle in his office at The South Leeds Academy where he has been Principal since last December, having joined the school in 2013. He brims with enthusiasm and passion and is keen to break the myths that surround the school.

    “I love it here, I can’t wait to get in each morning” he grins. “The children are fantastic: diverse, enthusiastic, honest.”

    He acknowledges that the school has had a difficult history, but is frustrat

  • Building Communities

    23rd September 2015

    After being contacted by Lynne; Local Tenant Involvement Co Ordinator, to discuss an environmental problem of littering, TSLA students were more than happy to jump on board and get involved by giving something back to the local community and doing some litter picking. In the space of 3 hours, they collected 2 bin bags full and 4 buckets of wrappers with an intention of serving an additional purpose.

    Most of the students shown above are in the process of creating a business through the LEAP enterprise project

  • 30th September - Open Event!

    11th September 2015

  • Start of Term - September 8th and 9th

    7th September 2015

    Tuesday - 8.15 start


    Year 7: Go to the main theatre
    Year 11: Go straight to form
    Years 12 and 13: Go to the sixth form area

    Wednesday - 8.15 start

    All year groups : Go straight to form

  • The Works

    The Works Skatepark

    26th May 2015

    Keeping fit and healthy is important for all young people, so to encourage our students to stay active whist on    holiday, the  academy organised several trips to The Works Skatepark during the Easter break. During the practical sessions, the group enjoyed charging around the park on BMXs, skateboards and scooters. Out of breathe, but still lively, the group then learnt about the dangers of drugs and  alcohol in the classroom-based activities.  Well done to the group of girls who had 100% attendance.

  • Tech 1

    Technology Tournament

    26th May 2015

    Every year the Rotary Club hope to inspire the next generation of technology students by asking them to pit their skills in the annual Tech Tournament. This year the event was held at the John Charles Centre for Sport and was attended by groups from over 20 different schools. The academy team comprised of four of our talented Year 10s who were eager to show the judges that they were capable engineers and could find solutions to a series of technical problems. Tasked with designing and building a structure t