KS4 AQA GCSE Photography

What is covered on the course?

Throughout the course students are encouraged to develop their understanding of contextual contemporary and historical photography, as well as their experience of using a wide range of photographic techniques and processes. The course is very practical and students are expected to have a keen interest in the creative arts. As well as looking at historical camera-less photographic techniques, students will explore a variety of experimental photographic processes, look at the work of contemporary street photographers and produce a personal response to an exam question chosen from one of seven starting points. It is not necessary for students to have their own photographic equipment.

How is the course assessed?

There are two units.

Unit 1: Throughout the course students produce a bank of controlled assessment work called a portfolio. This is internally assessed and verified by an external moderator, and is worth 60% of the final grade.

Unit 2: The externally set task constitutes the remaining 40% of the final grade. Students select a question that they feel inspired by, and produce preparatory work for a 10 hour exam (don’t worry - it’s not in one go. The exam takes place over a few days).
Every piece of work that students produce over the entire course will contribute to their final grade.
What equipment will my child need?

Basic equipment for sketching, making notes and writing.
What websites would you recommend?