Debate Mate

15th November 2016

In November this year, eighteen of our Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students had the opportunity to take part in the Debate Mate programme. Debate Mate is an after school activity that teaches students the importance of thoroughly researching a debate topic, critically evaluating the information they have gathered, developing an opinion on the topic, then debating the issues raised. To introduce our students to the debating arena, there was a central launch at Mount St. Mary’s Catholic High School, where the group watched a live debate by world champion debaters. The proposition was ‘Whether junk food should be banned’ and was an excellent introduction to the format of the Debate Mate session. During the debate, there was an opportunity for the audience to give their own opinions and either support the proposition or oppose it – with the winner receiving a £10.00 Nando’s Voucher. Students from each school gave their opinion and The South Leeds Academy is proud to announce that one of our Year 9 students won their first live debate beating a dozen students from the other attending schools. Debate Mate 1